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Art is always collaborative, even when done alone. I dedicate my art and credit my vision and inspiration to the following...

to my MOM and DAD, for always supporting me and my artistic ambitions and encouraging me to pursue what makes me happiest

to my sister, JORDYN, for always supporting my art, making me laugh, and keeping me humble

to my friend, MEGAN, for always giving the best advice, constructive criticism, and always being there for me as a great friend

to MIMI WENDY and POP POP DAVID for always supporting my art and everything I do

to my dogs, LULU and MAUI, for always making me smile

to my FRIENDS FROM HAWAI'I for being supportive of me and my art, and being great friends

to MIMI SUSAN and POP POP JIM for supporting my art and buying me art supplies

to POP POP MARK, for inspiring my interest in nature and for commissioning my first painting

to all of my FRIENDS FROM MIDD for your ongoing support of me an my art during and after Midd

to everyone I consider a friend, thank you!

to all of my family