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Aidan Skye Levy was born in Miami, Florida in 2002. Levy is a self-taught artist who draws creative inspiration from the natural world. Biology, environmentalism, conservation, and mythology are prevalent influences and themes seen in his work. While Levy enjoys experimenting in all sorts of mediums, his favorites include watercolors, inks, and digital.



Middlebury College, undergraduate degree (2022).

University of Miami, undergraduate degree (2023-).

Pacific Discovery, Hawai'i 6 Weeks (2021).

Palmer Trinity School (until 2021).


Fairchild Challenge, Looking at Life Around Us BioBlitz Design (2014).

Palmer Trinity School, Studio Art Award (2017).

Palmer Trinity School, 2021 Visual Arts Senior Book Award.


Miami Youth Climate Summit Branding and Arts Coordinator (2020-21).

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